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Results of Word Processing Programs and Writing Software on Students’ Writing Ability


Mixed reactions have since emerged in researches conducted to spot the results of word processing programs and computer writing software on students’ writing capabilities. Some studies have shown effects that are positive making use of computer word processing programs. Having said that, others have indicated barely minimal difference in cases where the programs or software are used by students (Swan 4). This paper will in effect establish if word processing programs and computer skill can either sharpen and on occasion even weaken college student’s writing skills.

Today, computer word processing programs have eased the editing procedure for correcting spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and sentence punctuations. Some word processors that are latest are even able put in text citations on student research papers Similarly, computer writing software have the ability to correct the mistakes and check for plagiarism of researched work. Continuer la lecture

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Classroom Resources. All About Me. Writing Prompt.

Personal Narrative:

Have students write a paragraph that tells about a time they helped a buddy or family member.


Grades K–2: Art/Language Arts
Personal Outline

With the help of older students or adults, trace the students’ bodies on long lengths of paper. Then have the students decorate the shapes with the addition of details that are facial clothing. Students can use colored markers or, if available, real pieces of fabric. Have the learning students dictate or write stories about themselves to accompany their silhouettes. Students can also label parts of the body.

Grades K–1: Social Studies
On the Block Where I Live

Students will enjoy identifying specific characteristics of these own neighborhoods and sharing the information and knowledge with their classmates. Continuer la lecture