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We went along to Skirt Club, a Lesbian Intercourse Party for directly Females

Feature image by Sarah Sarwar

What’s more annoying than meeting a “straight girl” who eventually ends up leading you on? What amount of Tinder pages have to state, “I don’t require a threesome along with your boyfriend”? No body really wants to be somebody else’s test.

Unless you’re being compensated.

There’s a new party on the scene, especially providing to your straight-but-curious girl: Skirt Club, a worldwide circuit of underground events for “girls whom perform with girls. ” In accordance with the Hollywood Reporter, “Most regarding the ladies who come for a night of unabashed sapphism with Skirt Club identify as straight, ” and “60 per cent identify from a 0 and a 2 in the Kinsey scale (which rises to 6), meaning they see by themselves as anywhere from solely directly to ‘predominantly right, but a lot more than incidentally homosexual. ‘”

Skirt Club promoters hired me, a queer girl and expert Dominatrix, to go to and bring my submissive, Chloe, that is additionally my gf. To undress her, up tie her, and spank her. To put a show on because of their “predominantly straight” clientele. As an expert Domme, I’m familiar with satisfying the kinky desires of right people. The majority of my clients are straight men and heterosexual-appearing married couples while i’m a queer woman in my personal life and in my advertisements.

I might be familiar with doing sex that is straight-for-pay, but like many queer ladies who’ve gotten their hearts broken by way of a wondering right woman or two, i’ve a chip to my neck in terms of entertaining ladies with boyfriends. Continuer la lecture