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Is fat a fetish? Whenever does attraction to full figured individuals become fetishizing?

W hen attraction to people that are fat talked about, fetishism is not far behind. To be clear, fetishism is not necessarily pathological — fetishes is often as straightforward as consensual kinks, especially intense tourist attractions, or easy choices. Nevertheless when fetishism is mentioned pertaining to fat tourist attractions, it always appears to bring a cloud throughout the discussion. Everything darkens. Fetishism becomes an indictment of both the human body and its own beholder.

Fat fetishism has deep roots for several fat individuals, particularly fat ladies. For many, size, desire, pity and intercourse certainly are a rat’s nest, hopelessly tangled together. Individuals who internalize anti-fat stereotypes — such as the pervasive social belief that fat folks are categorically ugly or unlovable — are more inclined to binge eat, since are survivors of intimate attack. Continuer la lecture