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The Secrets of Dating a Leo Guy. Dating a Leo guy may be definitely great — for the period that is short of, anyhow.

This really is still another tongue in cheek astrology / dating article, so try not to ever get the knickers in a twist, Leo males. (Besides, you realize you’re because bad as I’m planning to claim you might be! ) I’ve really got a significant soft spot for Leo males, in addition they’ve shown to be nothing short of a long frustration. We, like the majority of ladies, have always been interested in them like a magnet to your grandma’s conventional refrigerator. Even today, the solitary kisser that is best (among other stuff) i’ve ever experienced had been a Leo male and I nevertheless have goosebumps when i believe about their lying, cheating, manipulating small self. (Oops, i really hope that don’t seem bitter or any such thing. ) Therefore why don’t we arrive at the essential stuff and begin giving you women a sense of everything you’re set for whenever dating a Leo guy.

The Fundamentals:

    Simple tips to flirt by having a Leo guy: Look just like he does

How exactly to tick a Leo guy off: do not flatter him the maximum amount of he deserves as he(thinks
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