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Ask MetaFilter. I’ve perhaps maybe perhaps not finalized a rent yet, but i wish to (extremely poorly), and I also desire to appear with an answer before i actually do.

I’ve maybe not finalized a rent yet, but i do want to (extremely poorly), and I also would you like to show up with a remedy before i really do. The landlord happens to be offering it as one thing the 2 devices will share, though I do not think he could be being sneaky, simply thick. Thus I think it official if I come up with some sort of workable solution, he’d make. Or even, i would like some kind of gameplan.

I’ve 3 plans within my mind, all let’s assume that the hookup is back at my electric and gasoline.

1) we declare it’s mine and it can be used by no one. (i am a softy, this could not work) 2) we state ‘You purchase a washer/dryer you hook it, you why don’t we utilize it, and we also call it also. » 3) I buy washer/dryer and possess them pay a little usage that is monthly to pay for gas/electric (that we’m unsure simply how much it ought to be)

There is certainly just two devices within the building, as well as the upstairs is just a 2 room (therefore possibly 2-3 individuals?). Continuer la lecture