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I thought I had no frickin’ chance of getting published on a major website when I first started trying to get paid to write online.

The vocals during my mind ended up being saying some pretty mean stuff, like:

  • “Um, you have got NO bylines on major web web web sites. Or also minor websites. Who will be one to pitch yourself and be prepared to get yourself a gig!?”
  • “You don’t have any degree, so uh… good fortune with that.”
  • “You’re not adequate enough. You’re not experienced sufficient. Offer. Up.”

Luckily, that voice was told by me during my check out screw down.

And I also pitched myself anyway.

In a matter of a few months of having fired, a pitch was got by me accepted by a website I experienced been DREAMING of writing for.

(And even though I’d very little experience and didn’t have a blog/following during the time!)

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