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Whenever you consider the word “sex worker,” what sort of characteristics spring to mind?

Many people envision a label: somebody who is hopeless, who’s got no other option. One thing should have gone incorrect within their life to allow them to wind up doing this kind of task.

As a culture, we connect negativity to intercourse positivity. This is also true in terms of intercourse employees. An individual fulfills me personally the very first time, these are typically greeted by a petite, positive redhead with a confident perspective and an attitude that is can-do. They meet a woman that is well-educated numerous university levels and a desire for advanced schooling.

When expected to do you know what my profession of option is, intercourse worker is just one of the final things individuals have a tendency to imagine. When individuals meet me personally and recognize I’m college-educated and never actually any label they’ve of my occupation, they often times ask me personally why in the world I made a decision to develop into a intercourse worker. Continuer la lecture