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Numerous pets will give delivery without mating

We now have written before concerning the strange but dazzling occurrence of virgin births, or « parthenogenesis » since it’s understood.

Some animals are completely asexual and never require a male to provide delivery: for example, some species of whiptail lizards. But additionally, there are animals that may mate by having a male, but don’t constantly do this, plus they are the people our company is considering.

Right right right Here we report four brand brand brand new instances published when you look at the systematic literary works in 2015. They all point out the concept that, even yet in sexually-reproducing types, many pets have very long had the opportunity to get it alone.

Stick bugs

Female Australian giant prickly stick bugs will mate with men whenever it matches them, however they are finding techniques to repel them to allow them to have young without the interference that is male.

In a scholarly research posted when you look at the journal Animal Behaviour in March 2015, boffins examined why the females sometimes do with out a male. Continuer la lecture