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three straight ways to Stop your child From Making dangerous Choices About Dating and Sex

Got an adolescent or soon-to-be teenager in the home?

Here is a reality check that is stark

  • « the usa has one of many highest teenager pregnancy rates when you look at the western industrialized globe. »

Being a moms and dad, it is your task to aid she or he make choices that are good.

Listed below are three effective things you may do to help keep your teenager safe:

1. Supervise dates.

Know where your children are, who they really are with and what they’re doing, all the time. With regards to dating, this implies supervising your teenager’s times.

« Supervised dating » might seem such as a relic through the 1950’s, but it’s your decision, as a moms and dad, to ensure your child’s times are safe. Supervision may be the way that is best to achieve that. Often, oahu is the way that is ONLY.

So, so what does a date that is supervised like? It may suggest.

  • Permitting your older teenager child to blow time alone inside her boyfriend to her bedroom, to offer them some privacy, but maintaining the door propped open the complete time.

Using your teenage son, their date and band of buddies towards the shopping center and reading a guide as they get meal, hold arms and talk.

The message ought to be clear:  » Make choices that are good. I am the following. »

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