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Driver Assistance System for Passive Multi-Trailer Vehicles with Haptic Steering Limitations in the Leading device


Driving cars with several passive trailers has problems both in ahead and backward movement because of inter-unit collisions, jackknife, and not enough exposure. Consequently, higher level driver support systems (ADAS) for multi-trailer combinations may be advantageous to accident avoidance also to motorist comfort. The ADAS proposed in this paper aims to avoid unsafe steering commands in the shape of a handwheel that is haptic. Additionally, whenever driving backwards, the steering-wheel and pedals may be used just as if the car ended up being driven through the straight straight back for the final trailer with artistic the help of a rear-view camera. This solution, and this can be implemented in drive-by-wire vehicles with hitch angle sensors, earnings from two practices formerly manufactured by the writers: safe steering by making use of a curvature limitation towards the leading product, and a digital tractor concept for backward movement which includes the complex situation of set-point propagation through on-axle hitches. The paper addresses system needs and provides execution details to tele-operate two different off- and on-axle combinations of a tracked robot that is mobile and pressing two dissimilar trailers.

1. Introduction

Advanced motorist help systems (ADAS) are gaining more attention as being a key technology to increase motorist convenience and security. Continuer la lecture