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Solo Poly. What’s solamente polyamory? My simply simply simply just take

Exactly exactly just exactly What solo poly isn’t

Any identification label is certainly caused by subjective. There’s plenty of space for interpretation, variation, grey areas and disagreement. Below is the way I often get this difference for solamente polyamory.

CAVEAT: once again, I’m not wanting to inform anybody what they’re, or whatever they should phone by themselves. I’m simply wanting to make clear where/how i do believe the definition of solamente poly relates. We respect everyone’s straight to self-identify because they choose. (With one small exclusion, that I mention by the end.)

Fundamentally, from my viewpoint, an individual who is in a romantically/sexually exclusive two-person relationship, or that is seeking monogamy (or would finally choose a wholly or mostly exclusive relationship) may not fit the “poly” the main solamente poly label — despite the fact that they might be otherwise solamente (when they choose plenty of autonomy even though in a relationship).

Nor, probably, would somebody who is “dating around” or perhaps associated with numerous lovers, but whom does not reveal all relationships to any or all lovers. This will get murky, since some poly/open people (including solamente poly people) are fine with taking part in don’t-ask-don’t-tell relationships — which by contract try not to include disclosure that is full. Continuer la lecture