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Funny ☺ I have actually three old problems of Cosmo together with your title on it!

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Funny Craigslist Ads #257 – Have you seen my sock?

“My precious sock moved lacking and I’m devastated. She ended up being final seen to my base at 11:53 night that is last once I woke up, she had been gone. Below is an image of her twin sibling, they’re identical. I’m worried to the point of sickness about my sock and would really like her in the future house. When you yourself have my sock, I’m happy to spend ransom. Please get back my sock in my opinion.”


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Funny Craigslist Ads #256 – Deer chasing dog wanted for half an hour

I want an energetic, aggressive dog (medium sized or bigger is useful) with good endurance, effective at and determined to chase deer out of my 3-acre flower gardens, either by fragrance or an artistic. Formerly, the “right dog” takes just 5-10 minutes to have from the scent, locate the deer and chase them across the sunny top gardens for approximately 10 moments then along the hillside where in actuality the deer can leap on the fences and away. No past dog has ever jumped the fence additionally or been hurt when you look at the chase. I really do not need to help keep, purchase or acquire your dog, just RENT it for a straightforward thirty minutes or potentially much shorter work while the property owner waits, ideally, and/or assists, letting dog OFF leash whenever contact is verified or prior to. Continuer la lecture