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European countries in 2015: A Fragmented Regulatory Landscape for Online Gaming

Europe was a confusing destination to do gambling business in 2015. Gaming regulations within the EU lacked harmony, regardless of the best efforts of the European Commission.

Europe faced a boatload of regulatory issues this present year. No concern, 2015 was a challenging year for online gaming operators in the EU, as tighter regulations from numerous countries created a more and more fragmented regulatory landscape.

From taxation amounts to player pools, Europe continues to be an unharmonious online gaming space.

Meanwhile, the new EU tax on digital services, in addition to the UK point of consumption tax, squeezed operators’ margins and ushered in a period of consolidation for the gambling industry.

Several countries chose to regulate online gambling and open their markets up to foreign operators, increasing the tax hassle for businesses who wanted to engage these new licensed markets.

Hoping to raise some much-needed tax income, Portugal’s cash-strapped government finalized its brand new online gambling bill into legislation in June, however the new regime’s taxation needs were criticized by the industry if you are overly complex and punitive. That’s because casino and poker revenue has become taxed between 15 % and 30 percent based on an operator’s annual income.

Portugal’s decision allowing the state that is former to pay as much as 50 percent less tax than the newly certified opera Continuer la lecture