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13 Intercourse Strategies For Gay Guys Who Think They Understand It All

If you believe you’re a professional, reconsider that thought. Often there is more to be discovered!

There are numerous more fundamental intercourse guidelines on the market for tops and bottoms who wish to strengthen their game during sex, exactly what about for the specialists? If you’re plenty that is having of, you almost certainly know already to utilize lots of lube. (Or conversely, your rectum can be so heated up, you don’t also need any.) In addition, you learn more than three kinds of intimate jobs. So they are some recommendations for tops/bottoms/versatile males who don’t desire a 101 crash program, however a 401 masters degree seminar.

Listed below are 13 sex strategies for homosexual dudes whom think they understand every thing about intercourse!

1. Fit your hole while he’s inside your

As bottoms, you clearly have to loosen your opening wide sufficient inside of you for him to insert himself. But as soon as you’re heated up, occasionally squeeze your gap while he is penetrating you. Continuer la lecture