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Condoms, Christ and intercourse roles: Sarah’s work reducing teenager maternity in Zambia

Any discussion with young adults about safe intercourse, any place in the global globe, will probably feature a team of sniggering men requesting what the very best roles are. That’s based on Sarah Meath, an International Citizen Service (ICS) volunteer group frontrunner and liverpool youth charity worker that is former.

“Young individuals in the united kingdom plus in Zambia have actually precisely the needs that are same. The real difference is the fact that in Zambia they face poverty on an entire scale” that is different states Sarah, 26.

In a nation where over fifty percent the people is beneath the chronilogical age of 15, teenagers face high prices of forced intercourse, son or daughter wedding and rising HIV prevalence. At the least 12 in almost every hundred folks are HIV good.

Youth take close control of the sexual wellness

Sarah at Community Youth Concern in Zambia

Young adults in many cases are during the risk that is greatest of those threats, but they’re also regarding the front type of fighting them. Groups of young Zambian and UK volunteers have now been taking care of these dilemmas in vulnerable communities since 2013.

Sarah first been aware of ICS whilst working as youth worker with excluded groups inside her Liverpool hometown and used effectively to guide an united team of young ICS volunteers within the township of Nyimba, Zambia.

She talks proudly associated with achievements of her group, including starting a facility for young adults to have information regarding intimate health insurance and legal rights:

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