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Contraception Urban Urban Urban Myths:All You Should Know

You will find amount of birth prevention practices which are noteworthy in preventing pregnancy. There is a complete great deal of misinformation on how to utilize birth prevention, in addition to some techniques that merely don’t work.

Listed below are some typically common urban myths sex that is regarding contraception.

1. I’m breastfeeding and so I can’t have a baby.

Nursing may assist in preventing maternity if a lady is at half a year of delivery, have not had a menstrual period and also the infant is feeding on breast milk (no formula or soft food supplementation). All three of those requirements should be met for breastfeeding to be a successful kind of contraception. In every other circumstances, ovulation can happen even though a female is breastfeeding. The medical mom should make use of birth prevention if she desires in order to avoid maternity.

2. You can’t have a baby in the event that girl doesn’t have an orgasm. Continuer la lecture