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LPO has $17.7 billion in loan authority to guide the make of qualified light-duty automobiles and components that are qualifying the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM), authorized by the power Independence and safety Act of 2007.

To date, this system has loaned $8 billion for jobs which have supported the manufacturing of significantly more than 4 million technology that is advanced. Find out more about LPO’s ATVM portfolio.

Read our fact that is two-page sheet a summary of exactly how LPO can fund car production jobs.

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Just exactly What value can bring as a LPO loan provider to my task?

ATVM is one of three distinct loan programs administered by LPO, but all provides a comparable value to borrowers:

  • Use of Debt Capital: Through ATVM, LPO can offer use of financial obligation money this is certainly coming in at U.S. Treasury prices for car production tasks in america.
  • Versatile, Custom Financing: LPO can offer financing that meets the particular requirements of specific borrowers. LPO has experience with corporate, structured business, and restricted recourse task finance loans. Also, LPO has ability to fund big jobs as a single loan provider or to fill gaps in funding included in a team of loan providers.
  • Committed Partnership: loan providers frequently choose to engage a task as soon as the deal is completely formed; but, LPO encourages engagement that is early task development. Continuer la lecture