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Your entire (really) Honest Questions About rectal intercourse, Answered by an Expert.Anal intercourse can be tricky.

Rectal intercourse can be tricky. It comes down with lots of hows and whats and dos that numerous might switch up to their browser that is private to for. And whilst you may have some embarrassing questions regarding the logistics of backdoor play, understand that you must never be ashamed about all of your curiosities, because it’s likely that numerous others are most likely thinking the same.

Getting all your concerns answered, we asked the person that is best to do the job. Alicia Sinclair, medical sexologist and creator of b-Vibe anal items, did not keep back in virtually any of her reactions like the inescapable concern about pooping during rectal intercourse.

could it be safe when it comes to partner to ejaculate during anal intercourse?

« you don’t need to stress about the likelihood of having an STI or HIV (as an example, in the event the partner and you also had been simply tested), it really is safe to ejaculate within the anal passage. Continuer la lecture