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What direction to go in the event that Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor’s guide

“The very first thing we say an individual informs me their condom broke is: ‘Great, you had been employing a condom, ‘” says Christine Brennan, a practicing clinician and connect hit website teacher of wellness policy at LSU’s class of Public wellness in brand New Orleans.

She works on the automobile analogy to spell it out the problem of a condom breaking, dubbing it a fender bender. This means whilst it’s most likely not a problem, you’ll want to proactively deal with the “potential dilemmas of secretory transmission. ” meaning if someone comes inside of you whenever you weren’t anticipating it—even a little—you should truly make the proper precautions to ensure you did not contract any such thing or inadvertently begin a household.

Exactly how fast must I work in case a condom breaks while I’m having sex?

“Pregnancy and HIV have to be addressed within 72 hours, ” Brennan says. Continuer la lecture