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Because it became understood that Mr. Purvis had started a brisk brand new manhunt for Dillinger’s gang lieutenants

John Dillinger passed away under a volley of bullets fired by federal agents must be mystical woman in red pointed the « finger of death » at him. The lady, it had been discovered today, then accompanied Dillinger to an inexpensive movie theatre, sat beside him because they saw a gangster melodrama and knew which he most likely would fall target to federal weapons because they strolled through the lobby following the show. The lady who « sold » the nation’s many outlaw that is murderous the authorities – she ended up being lured to the betrayal by way of a $15,000 reward – ended up being reported to be under heavy guard in a Chicago resort this afternoon.

Federal Department of Justice agents whose firearms had written a finis to Dillinger’s reign of terror yesterday evening feared that some survivor of their gang might create a striking work to just simply take her life. An East Chicago, Ind., officer whose comrade ended up being shot to death by Dillinger in a bank raid many months ago persuaded her to lead the outlaw to their execution – in a welter of bloodstream in an alley that is dark. The government’s chief man-hunter in the Chicago area, said he had received a tipoff that Dillinger and a girl would be at the theater, a neighborhood movie house on the near north side at the inquest today, Melvin H. Continuer la lecture