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The storing / inputting of individual information content associated with recognizable people isn’t the main purpose of Qlik Cloud Services as well as in conformance using the concept of information minimization and anonymization under GDPR.

Qlik will not suggest users place data that are personal into applications inside our Cloud Service. For more info please see the Qlik Cloud Services Terms of Service in addition to Qlik SaaS Services Agreement.

Qlik Customer-Managed Deployment & Attunity Items

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Qlik gathers fundamental individual information for which it really is the information Controller ( ag e.g. Qlik Account, Cloud use information, etc.). As is customary, Qlik additionally keeps a database of client and partner contact information for payment, advertising along with other business that is ordinary. Qlik holds this data in conformity with College dating service relevant information security legislation and assures sufficient safety features come in spot around these information kinds.

Qlik just isn’t typically an information Processor for clients of Customer-Managed Deployment or Attunity Products. The reason being any content a person chooses to place into or create into the Qlik Customer-Managed Deployment or Attunity items remains in the consumer’s system(s). Qlik won’t have use of the information; consequently, the consumer, rather than Qlik, could be the information Controller plus the information Processor with this content in information security legislation terms. Exceptions to the may occur if, whenever Qlik provides Support or asking solutions to a person, if the consumer chooses to share with you content in the Deployment that is customer-Managed items which takes place to include individual information. Such sharing has reached the discernment of the client while the individual information content must certanly be anonymized or minimized because of the customer depending on privacy legislation information anonymization / minimization best-practice. Continuer la lecture