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Spam, Bans…and Our Plans. Minimizing spam and abuse on our platform

Minimizing punishment and spam on our platform is a constant endeavor—here’s exactly how our help and moderation procedure works.

As a software focused on transparency and available interaction with our users, we fork out a lot of the time hearing people’s feedback both off and on Grindr. Then when we come across misperceptions about our application plus the work we do in order to supply the user experience that is best possible, we go on it to heart. On this page, we wished to deal with two specific misconceptions we’ve seen, and provide you with more understanding of just how our support and moderation procedure works.

Misconception 1: Grindr bans individuals for no reason at all, either because we don’t worry about our users or because Grindr somehow advantages from banning users that are innocent.

Misconception 2: Grindr does care about spam n’t or abuse, and it is purposely perhaps not banning the spam accounts because we generate income off them.

Misconception 1: “Grindr bans people for no explanation.”

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It may assist to approach this myth having a cost-benefit analysis that is quick. Exactly just What would the good qualities and cons be for Grindr to ban people for no reason at all?



Negative software reviews and ratings

Less users, resulting in decreased membership and advertising income (yes, Grindr is a company, and like a number of other apps that are popular might utilize, we depend on membership and advertising income to hold our application available to all.)

The easy facts are that Grindr has absolutely nothing to gain, and every thing to get rid of, by banning users for no reason. Having said that, we work tirelessly to keep Grindr free and safe of behavior that violates our Community instructions and regards to provider . Continuer la lecture