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Digital Transformation in finance: the 7 recommendations within the Finance sector

Digital change in finance is having results that are interesting particularly because the realm of innovation as well as the realm of finance converge.

This is demonstrated by the data relating to FinTech, i.e. start-ups with a distinctly digital organizational structure that offer certain financial services in direct competition with traditional banks among other things.

For them, 2018 ended up being accurate documentation 12 months, in which the sector experienced also greater development compared to the past 12 months, confirming an optimistic trend that continues nevertheless. Relating to a current research, it is estimated that the assets regarding the very first 1 / 2 of 2018 surpassed the sum total of the 2017, doubling globally. So as of magnitude, opportunities and operations when you look at the FinTech sector, represented globally by 7,500 start-ups, reach about €110 billion around the world. Exactly the same can be stated when it comes to number of company created. While 834 transactions had been recorded when you look at the last half of 2017, 875 deals had been recorded in the 1st 50 % of 2018 alone.

This amazing success is due, among other activities, towards the undeniable fact that the wall surface of distrust towards such solutions is certainly collapsing.

In Italy, as an example, one out of four individuals additionally stated that they had tried a FinTech solution into the year that is last had been extremely pleased with it. Continuer la lecture