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Lass mich daruber erzahlen EDV is wortlos the beginning

Informationstechnologie all started hinein Bundeshauptstadt. In May 2016 Sven Przywarra and I, both Co-Founders of LiveEO and Organizer of NewSpaceVision, met Altes Testament the InnoSpace conference with the same goal within mind.

I want to and I will build A space Startup!

With this Botschaft As part of mind we wanted to build an environment for entrepreneurs, techis, students, officials, VCs and everyone who is interested within the space industry. As part of the following two years we have grown the Meetup series NewSpaceVision, which Sven started As part of 2016, to a big conference with more than 250 attendees from all over Europe and have built a media presence with podcasts, tweets, articles and a newsletter. With LiveEO we started our own venture and hinein the past years A senkwaage of young entrepreneurs came to Ur Meetups or other events to discuss how to start A leertaste startup. Continuer la lecture