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Negative effects – Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy could cause side that is unpleasant

Chemotherapy may cause unpleasant negative effects, although some can usually be treated or avoided, & most will pass as soon as your treatment prevents.

It really is hard to anticipate exactly exactly what negative effects you’ll receive.

Here is a listing of lots of the side that is common, but it is not likely you will have most of these.


Tiredness (fatigue) the most common negative effects of chemotherapy.

Many individuals treatment that is having exhausted a whole lot of that time or get exhausted effortlessly doing everyday tasks.

  • Get lots of remainder
  • Avoid doing tasks or tasks you do not feel as much as
  • Do light exercise, such as yoga or walking, if you should be in a position to – this will raise your degree of energy, but take care not to push yourself too much
  • Pose a question to your relatives and buddies for assistance with everyday tasks

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