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14. CW’s applications had been heard by Her Honour Judge Hughes over 3 days in June and November 2004.

By the period, CG had qualified as an instructor but her partner MG had been a home based job and playing a part that is major the youngsters’s care. Mrs Barrow’s report confirmed that CG questioned CW’s directly to be engaged within the kids’ everyday lives and ended up being in opposition to a provided residence purchase which will confer parental obligation upon CW. CW ended up being now proposing that the young kiddies reside along with her in Shropshire. The girls demonstrably enjoyed life both in domiciles. Mrs Barrow suggested the extension regarding the present plans, as well as a move to the equal sharing of college holiday breaks. She additionally suggested a provided residence purchase:

« I would declare that the significance and value of CW’s role in their everyday lives has to be recognized…. I recommend that this kind of move would help make sure that A and B developed with an improved possibility of comprehending the complexity of one’s own identification and really should never be viewed as detracting from CG’s role, as his or her primary carer. « 

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