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IELTS composing for you personally: benefits & drawbacks essay

In this tutorial you will learn to produce a musical organization 9 response for benefits & drawbacks essay in IELTS Writing. As one example, we will use an interest of tourism in contemporary globe. Basically, in most benefits and drawbacks essays your task would be to explain negative and positive edges of the provided subject + give your opinion.

In this class you shall:

  • See a relevant concern test
  • Learn ways that are effective quickly create tips for the solution
  • learn musical organization 9 response structure

for pros and cons essay in IELTS.

IELTS advantages & disadvantages concern test

As an example, you may get this concern for IELTS composing task 2:

A lot of places in the world count on tourism as being a primary revenue stream. Regrettably, tourism can be a source also of dilemmas if it’s not handled precisely.

Describe the pros and cons of tourism within the world that is modern. Do you believe that advantages of tourism outweight its disadvantages?

This essay subject relates to tourism. Needless to say, topics for concerns will change, but ideal solution framework is exactly the same for many benefits & drawbacks essays in IELTS.

Creating ideas for the response

You should always spend 1-2 minutes on producing ideas for your answer before you start writing your essay. That way, youll understand what to create about as well as your response will become more coherent and well-structured. Continuer la lecture