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I hate furries. Furries will usually attempt to inform you that it is not totally all about intercourse


The furry fandom is amongst the many fandoms that are toxic here. It really is even worse than perhaps the loves of Sonic, Undertale, and K-Pop, that are all considered to be pretty fandoms that are toxic.

The fandom is filled with people who are nothing like your person that is average in society. They tend become white, male, and around 20-ish years old. And lots of them may be any a number of regarding the after: Special snowflakes, neckbearded, troubled teenagers, depressed, socially embarrassing, hateful, and/or an SJW. Very various demographics from the remainder of society.

The SJWs are the worst. The fandom is filled with them. They are going to strike anybody for just about any good explanation, because minor as possible. Continuer la lecture