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Goes without saying actually but im not sexually liberal now also.

Goes without saying actually but im not any longer sexually liberal now aswell. Revolutionary feminism spared me. Realising the part porn played within my husbands and my marriages demise ended up being a casino game changer fightthenewdrug pornkills heycanhavehim

Totally agree and that is not really a stance that is radical. It is simply the facts. My ex became a covert misogynist creep due to making use of degrading porn from the early age. No idea was had by me. I recently knew he wasn’t doing sex that ended up being loving and emotionally connected. Now i am aware it is exactly about objectification, domination and debasement for him. He went along to the degree of viewing porn where women that are unconscious raped by a number of males, constantly with “wife” when you look at the title. For not being willing to be his sex slave and submit to sexual abuse that it was about wives shows he hated me and wanted me to be raped to punish me. Continuer la lecture