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Getting gas for you. At Enbridge petrol, we realize that your lifetime takes power.

We do not result in the big holiday dinner or deliver the warm water for the bath — our work would be to give you the power which makes those activities feasible.

You could have heard that your particular home or business might quickly gain access to affordable gas that is natural. Find out more about the propane connection to your community.

So how exactly does gas get to your residence? Hook up to propane in your house

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Contact Customer Connections Contact Centre at 1-888-427-8888 to learn when you yourself have access to a gas that is natural in your area.

Enbridge petrol takes proper care of every thing outside your property (up to your meter) to obtain usage of propane in your property. We’ll evaluate where your property is in relation to an underground propane line and whether or not it could be linked to your property. In addition, we’re going to offer a construction estimate to look for the expense to get in touch your property into the gas pipeline that is natural.

Find an authorized HVAC specialist

Submit an Enbridge Petrol Application

When you’ve decided on an HVAC specialist while having decided which devices you will definitely hook up to gas that is natural they are able to finish and submit the Enbridge petrol application

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