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The Heated Hose & Hookup towards the Camper regarding the suggestion of the buddy, we bought a 25 ft.

Freeze Ban heated hose from Camping World. Additionally they are offered in 12 ft. and 50 ft. lengths, but we’ve found that 25 ft. is great in many situations. CAMCO, the producer, states so it will drive back freezing down seriously to 20 degrees below zero. Phone me personally a skeptic, but if it ever gets that cool, we may very well unhook!

This hose plugs right into a 120 volt socket. It comes down with a male/female hose adapter in order to connect the conclusion using the electric cable and thermostat either into the hydrant, or even to the camper. On our web web site, we connect that final end to your hydrant and plug it to the site’s near-by electric field. The hose’s thermostat must certanly be confronted with outside atmosphere in purchase to show regarding the heating element as required (whenever heat gets right down to around 37 degrees).

During the camper, the hose runs up in to a compartment containing the rig’s fresh water connector.

The compartment is heated therefore, as you can plainly see within the photo, we link the water filter and a stress regulator/gauge on that end too.

One evening, after some duration ago, the heat had been predicted to obtain on to ab muscles low teenagers, or perhaps solitary digits. Become from the safe part, I hung a conventional fall light (work light), by having a 60 watt incandescent light light light light bulb, into the water compartment of y our RV. Continuer la lecture