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Chances for the White Christmas this present year? Assessing snowfall opportunities next 21 days


Nearly all of Minnesota is snow-free simply three months before xmas. And our climate maps look moderate once more through nearly all of a few weeks. Therefore, do you know the chances for a Christmas that is white this?

Bare ground

You are able to obviously start to see the ground that is bare a lot of the Upper Midwest on Friday’s 1,000-meter resolution NASA MODIS Terra satellite shot.

Historic possibilities

A white xmas is defined as having at the very least 1 inches of snowfall address on a lawn Christmas time early early morning.

The climatology of snowfall address on Christmas time for Minnesota strongly favors a white Christmas day. Dating back to towards the belated 1800s, the chances are 90 % to 100 percent across nearly all of north Minnesota. Continuer la lecture