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Can The Uterine Prolapse Be Addressed Without Hysterectomy?

A Resounding YES! numerous gynecologists have the way that is best to treat a dropping womb will be take it off, having a surgery called a hysterectomy, then connect the apex regarding the vagina to healthier portions for the ligaments up in the human anatomy. Other gynecologists, regarding the other hand, believe hysterectomy is an operation that is major should only be done when there is a disorder of this uterus that needs it. Along those lines, there is some debate among gynecologists concerning the dependence on hysterectomy to treat prolapse that is uterine.

Some gynecologists have actually expressed the viewpoint that appropriate fix of this ligaments is perhaps all that is necessary to correct uterine prolapse, and therefore the lengthier, more included and riskier hysterectomy isn’t clinically necessary. To this end, a surgical procedure happens to be recently developed that uses the laparoscope to correct those supporting ligaments and protect the uterus. The ligaments, called the uterosacral ligaments, are oftentimes damaged in the centre, although the reduced and top portions usually are intact. The surgeon attaches the intact lower portion of the ligaments to the strong upper portion of the ligaments with strong, permanent sutures with this laparoscopic procedure. Continuer la lecture