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The demographics of polyamory/monogamy from a basic population study

A survey of users of this website was conducted that asked about demographics and about polyamory/monogamy to fill this need. The definition from Wikipedia was provided for those not familiar with polyamory. In 2015, 5043 responses to this survey were recorded october.

During the final end of they survey users had been asked if their reactions had been accurate and might be saved and utilized for research. This analysis just makes use of those that replied yes to the relevant concern and had been avove the age of 13.

Prevalence of Polyamory

Would you self-identify because « polyamorous »? No, and I also would not No, but I have before No, but I might yes like to

The respondent was categorized as « Not polyamorous », « Used to be polyamorous », « Not polyamorous, but interested », or « Polyamorous » from this question. The portions whom offered each reaction are broken away in the pie-chart below.

How many people reporting polyamorous that is being significantly greater than anticipated. That is most likely explained by some bias when you look at the test. The test is topics whom just take online character tests, they tend to skew a little more young, liberal, atheist and non-heterosexual compared to the population that is general.

Polyamory and sex

Participants were expected the options male to their gender, feminine along with other. Just users whom responded female or male are most notable analysis as a result of test size problems. Continuer la lecture