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Mexico provides asylum to Bolivian

Mexico has awarded an ask for asylum from previous Bolivian president Evo Morales, in line with the Mexican international secretary.

Marcelo Ebrard stated on Sunday that Mexico would just just take Mr Morales if he desired it, and announced on Monday that the ex-president had now required asylum.

Bolivia’s very first native president resigned on Sunday following the military called for him to stop after days of protests more than a disputed election.

Clashes and roadblocks rocked Bolivia on Monday, with crowds of celebrating Mr Morales’ resignation with fireworks within the roads and an opposition that is tearful installation of a potential path towards new elections.

Mad supporters regarding the socialist leader set barricades on fire to block some roadways ultimately causing the country’s primary airport as stress gripped the world, while their foes blocked the majority of the roads resulting in the country’s main square right in front of Congress plus the palace that is presidential. Continuer la lecture