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India’s Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, on February 1, 2020 tabled the Union plan for the FY 2020-21 when you look at the Lok Sabha. She announced an income that is new regime aside from the current one, to supply relief to specific taxpayers.

Nevertheless, this regime that is new optional cash america loans installment loans together with taxpayers can select involving the old and also the new, basis their suitability. The regime that is new foregone specific deductions and exemptions. The income tax prices have now been paid off, but taxpayers will need to forego exemptions whenever choosing the brand new income tax regime.

Why don’t we take a good look at the taxation prices of an individual whoever age is not as much as 60 years under both the regimes:

tax slabs taxation price (Old Regime) income tax rate ( New Regime)
as much as 2.5 lakhs Nil Nil
2.5-5 lakhs 5% 5%
5-7.5 lakhs 20% 10%
7.5-10 lakhs 20% 15%
10-12.5 lakhs 30% 20%
12.5-15 lakhs 30% 25%
Above 15 lakhs 30% 30%

From the aforementioned dining dining dining table, its obvious that the taxation prices are low in the latest regime compared to the regime that is old. But, there is certainly a summary of exemptions and deductions which includes become conceded because of the taxpayers. This list includes it is not restricted towards the after:

i) Leave Travel Allowance (LTA)

iii) Home Rent Allowance (HRA)

iv) Uniform Allowance

v) Helper allowance

vi) expert income tax

vii) Standard deduction

viii) Other unique allowances [Section 10(14)]

ix) Interest on housing loan (part 24) on self occupied home

x) Chapter VI-A deduction (80C,80D, 80E and so forth) (Except part 80CCD(2) and 80JJA)

Savings calculation predicated on earnings

PARTICULARS Old Tax Regime(Rs.)
Gross Income 15,00,000
Less: Deductions-
U/S 80C (Investment in PPF) 1,50,000
U/S 80D (healthcare Insurance – Self, spouse, children) 25,000
U/S 80TTA (Interest earnings from checking account on a bank) 10,000
Taxable money 13,15,000

At normal price, from the earnings of Rs. 13,15,000:
as much as 2.5 lakhs Nil
2.5-5 lakhs @5% 12,500
5-7.5 lakhs @20per cent 50,000
7.5-10 lakhs @20% 50,000
10-12.5 lakhs @30% 75,000
12.5-13.15 lakhs @30% 19,500
complete 2,07,000
Add: Cess @4% on Rs. 2,07,000 8,280
Tax Liability 2,15,280

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