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Bgclive tales. Growing up when you look at the bonnet is difficult but growing up undercover into the bonnet is also harder

You need to keep that your particular homosexual undercover or risk getting f***ked up and maybe maybe maybe not in a way that is good

But one the about the bonnet, here no shortage of cock. One time I happened to be home that is walking i seen Dred creeping away from my buddy Sammy straight straight straight straight back home one evening. Sammy is freely homosexual and everyone within the bonnet understand it, but Dred one of many dope that is top in towns and fine as hell! Therefore I hit up Sammy and asked him « whats up with both you and Dred? We seen him developing the rear home. » To start with he acted that he be given him head all the time, but they aint never f***k like he aint know what i was talking about but then confess. Therefore we chatted for one minute and then he said that Dred homeboy have down but he aint never f***k wit him. Me personally and Tim (Dred homeboy) chill all the time but I might have never though which he get straight straight down but you would certainly be amazed. Continuer la lecture