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Intercourse, Women and TV: 21 Shows That Changed the Way We See Female Desire pt.3

Veronica Mars (2004 – 2007)

The young detective tirelessly worked to track down the person who drugged and raped her in the first two seasons of Veronica Mars. The season that is third a comparable plot where Veronica hunted a serial rapist on the university campus. We saw the repercussions of Veronica’s assault in her own college life as she’s ostracized as a “slut” as well as in her sex-life as she struggled to trust guys once more. No show before or since has had regarding the problem of a woman’s straight to safety in quite exactly the same way: pupils had been protesting regarding the fictional Hearst university campus years before real-life university students over the U.S. filed a slew of Title IX complaints against schools mishandling assault that is sexual.

The L Term (2004 – 2009)

Lesbian characters on primetime (see: Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange could be the New Ebony, Pretty Little Liars, etc.) may seem de rigueur in 2014, but which wasn’t the actual situation when “The L Word” began airing on Showtime in 2004. Continuer la lecture