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Most effective places for the first encounter, to be able of choice: her room, other spot.

Just like that. It is direct, compelling, grammatically sound, tactful, however with a fall of levity. You would prosper to form it down, place it in a envelope, and mail it to your self as proof authorship. Might we produce a little recommendation, nevertheless? Give consideration to losing underpants. This has a juvenile implication that is weird. Undies is way better. Needless to say, say any one of this just once you have bought her a complete brand new set — then just if she presses you for a description. As always, make sincerity your last option.

Is really a dildo or any other adult toy an appropriate present?

It wouldn’t be any fun, now would it if it were appropriate? Why don’t we think of classic gift suggestions: candles, tea samplers, a tennis bracelet, growing a tree in Israel — all appropriate, but would somebody like to screw them? I do not think therefore. Continuer la lecture