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Eliel Cruz ended up being leading a workshop on bisexuality at a seminar associated with the Reformation venture.

Seeing the Invisible

In Fall 2015, I became fieldwork that is doing evangelical, fundamentalist, as well as other conservative Christians’ growing acceptance of LGBT identities, same sex marriage, and gender transition. At a Christian meeting, some body caused us to move my entire paradigm. Eliel Cruz had been leading a workshop on bisexuality at a meeting for the Reformation venture. He spoke of bi invisibility and bi erasure, principles developed by bisexuals within the 1990s, but that I experienced totally ignored, so busy was we making myself easily fit in. Reading up I learned from an article by legal scholar Kenji Yoshino that every sex survey that has ever been done has found at least as many bisexual men and women as gays and lesbians on it later. Not even close to being a teensy and inconsequential minority, bisexuals make up half, or higher, regarding the population that is LGBT. Continuer la lecture