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She points towards the number that is large of who have been perhaps not genitally stimulated throughout the research.

Weitzman questions both the study practices and Rieger’s interpretation associated with the data.

« the analysis techniques are bad, » she claims.  » It really is this kind of little test size. To help make these conclusions on therefore few individuals, that isn’t good technology. Regrettably, this has gotten way more media play than it deserves. In the event that you torture the information, they’re going to confess to any such thing. It doesn’t suggest there aren’t any bisexual males. » Kritzer, too, concerns the study design. She tips towards the many males who had been perhaps maybe not genitally stimulated through the research.

« About a 3rd associated with individuals had no response to some of the porn, she says whether they identified as gay, straight, or bisexual. « The scientists stated this implies they had no response, therefore throw this data away. Yet they said that after men that are bisexual maybe not react to most of the videos, it intended these people were gay or directly. » None associated with research’s flaws is deadly, states Rodriguez Rust. The thing is with Kritzer and Bailey’s interpretation.

« the issue with all the article is the fact that findings have now been misinterpreted, » Rodriguez Rust claims. « If you appear during the research information, they really usually do not show a lack of bisexual intimate reaction in guys. Lots of research topics obviously did react to both men and women. Continuer la lecture