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Hi, recently i began dating an ex once more who we broke down with more than 5 years back. It began as casual, me to hangout every once in a while with him asking. We’d have sexual intercourse, invest the night time together in addition to day that is next well. I did son’t see it just as much me daily until he started texting. He took me personally out one and intentionally called it a date 6 times ( I do not exaggerate ) night. From then on we hung out every 3 times and weekends. We joined up with events at their home. He had been constantly therefore sweet, calling me babe, rubbing my legs, kissing and cuddling me. It turned to chilling out frequently and texting all many every over two months day. This previous weekend he possessed a pool party and kept for work with the early morning (as normal.) I texted that and he replied night. Then your following day whenever I called he didn’t solution, phone me straight back and on occasion even text. I texted to move by to obtain my swimsuit and he did n’t answer to that particular either. I’m confused and annoyed, when I was just reciprocating the degree of work and attention he had been offering me personally Now out of the blue he stopped. We don’t determine if I’m reading if he has all of a sudden lost interest into it or? I don’t realize why and I’m actually confused about any of it all.

Hi Confused, I don’t blame you for experiencing confused! This will make no feeling and his behavior is rude.

Hi Ronnie! I’m so confused. We came across a man October 2018 via a work occasion in which he persistently pursued me personally. Constantly messaging me personally on Instagram, commenting on images, trying. I did son’t provide him my number up to recently because We wasn’t interested. We began becoming interested later in 2019 and we also invested some right time together (work and merely enjoyable). Continuer la lecture