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43 Openers To Text Your Crush Alternatively Of “Hey”

Prepare for a better reaction price.

At the beginning of my job being a copywriter, I learned something helpful: it was not in my best interest to write the exact same thing again if I wrote something that did not work.

Yet, it is just just what texters every-where do when looking to get an answer from somebody they’re into.

Stop it. You seem like the mashup of a 7-year-old and a horse.

Never ever worry, my clueless buddy. If the texts constantly have crickets in reaction, you’ve got arrived at the place that is right. For no body texts like copywriters.

We all know our market, we’ve a vault of diverse and information that is fascinating so we DEFINITELY REFUSE TO ALLOW A DISCUSSION DIE. We’re perhaps perhaps not being ghosted. We’re simply within the very very early stages of a drip campaign.

Climb aboard. The train is making the section. Listed here are 43 openers to text your crush that work method a lot better than whatever you’re making use of now.

p.s. I inquired my colleague, Audra, for aid in causeing the list and she was kind sufficient to oblige. She’s funnier if you value smiling and laughing than I am and you should absolutely follow her. Follow Audra on Twitter .


You can be heard by me. “But Luuuuuuuuke, I’m in a relationship that is committed. This short article is useless because we don’t have crush. OH, WHY WAS I BLESSED WITH MAD GAME?” Great point! Counterpoint: both you and your texting-on-autopilot abilities require this list significantly more than anyone. Your significant other can be your crush, you dingus.


So weird, a reply is fully guaranteed.

  • “Do you believe aliens taught people just how to churn butter?”
  • “Do bees ever get crushes that are little individuals?”
  • “Ever take into account the robot that may ultimately destroy you?”
  • “Do penguins have actually knees?”
  • “Is Pluto genuine?”
  • “What celebrity do we many perhaps perhaps not seem like”
  • “Do you need to come over and watch raccoons fight within the complete cooking pot of spaghetti we threw to the trash”

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